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  2. Updates?

    he was the light elf healer, milabrega correct?
  3. Updates?

  4. Updates?

    Hey Dracone, long time no see.
  5. Updates?

    Giran03 server
  6. Updates?

    Looks pretty interesting. I sold the restaurant so I have more free time. I'll see about trying it out.
  7. Updates?

    Zotics. It’s been a long time! I just picked up lineage 2 revolution on phone to reminisce on old times. It’s pretty solid. You can play on any phone or pc using Facebook login. So iPhone users can also run emulators. Game does a lot of grinding for you on auto. Has some of the old lineage concepts with castle type seiges and 30v30. I hopped in the forums to check out if y’all were playing anything. I’m on giran03 if y’all wanna check it out.
  8. Hello

    Castle Clash on the andriod atm.
  9. Hello

    Holy hell you guys still around. Playing anything?
  10. Hello

    i may try lineage 2 revolution on the phone
  11. Hello

    Lineage 3? I will be a grand daddy by the time it's released though.
  12. Hello

    This just in.... covert footage of Zot playing castle clash! https://imgur.com/E1EBCOC Any game on the horizon for you folks? Anything worth really looking into? Last thing I saw was the cinematic for Bless and reminded me of L2...
  13. Hello

    I am still jumping through various Classic L2 servers killing time. And next week, season 12 for diablo 3... THE LONG WAIT FOR CLASSIC WOW....
  14. Hello

    still playing castle clash on andriod atm...
  15. Hello

    I quit AIM years ago and Facebook about 2 years ago! The best way to get in touch with me is the google/gmail app.... savoybc
  16. Hello

    We used to be bros on Aim and Facebook :( Xenicide surfaced again and we were chatting about old times which caused us to come check out the SC website to see if anythings going on :P
  17. Hello

    Howdy.. have not seen you awhile around these parts. Sad news: AIM retires in December.
  18. Hello

    I am still waiting for something new to come out...
  19. Hello

    Thank you for the update!
  20. Hello

    Welcome to SC's new forum upgrade! A bit ugly on the skin side and nothing that reflects our guild's personality, but maybe something will come up to bring us out of hiding and we'll be back to the grind with a new skin. Until then... As a side note, if you have issues logging in, you need to use your display name (as shown on the forum) or your email address for your login ID. Login IDs were eliminated with this upgrade.
  21. Old Times

    They should all be in our pictures and videos section.
  22. Old Times

    Hi Everyone, Been awhile, I was trying to go through my old hard drives recently to back them up and it seems I can't get access to them. I was wondering if anyone still has copies of the old Videos I made of us in L2, or any old videos from the old L2 times. I wanted to go back and look at them, and show my nephew how pc gaming used to be lol. If you could help out that would be great, if you don't that is fine I don't mind catching up with how everyone is. Thanks, Xephia
  23. Updates?

    I am kinda busy running a restuarant for the next 2 years at least. I don't know if I will pick up anything that requires such a huge time investment unless it is groundbreaking.
  24. Updates?

    Not necessarily, I saw one other person post about Black Desert Online, which I have played for a bit and think a guild like SC could do well in there. Other then that I feel like the pvp MMO scene is kinda dead atm, sadly. EDIT: I checked out that post again, Black Desert is different from Black Desert Online. So I take that back, haven't seen a post about BDO. It's a F2P MMO but you can pay a monthly fee for some benefits, or get lucky and buy the "monthly benefit pack" off the market.
  25. Updates?

    Do you have anything in mind? I am currently playing Castle Clash still for the past 3 years.
  26. Updates?

    Haven't seen anything on the forum for quite a long time, just wondering if SC has any plans on making a run on any current or foreseeable future games.
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