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  1. Lineage 2 Classic

    Can any1 explain what the difference is between all these versions? Lineage 1 - 2 , classic/Infinit Odyssey servers? I mean I got ZERO knowledge of the game wich version do you guys recommend? I am from EU/NL The grind...i dont mind grinding but i also got a live ..... so it shouldnt be a nolife grind to cap or atleast to a level where fun/good pve/pvp content is.
  2. Anyone playing the beta for Skyforge?

    ABORDED, abandoned......this game is silly. This instanced crap is making me leave this game......I ran certain dungeons over 50 times.....solo and on "impossible" mode (95% of the people complained its too hard, lmao)...... still shit loot. ....w...tt...fuck. I did more then 25 different instances and they all feel the same, they look different but the game mechanics still make every dungeon feel the same. BOTTOM LINE: i dont recommend this game to be a main game, i suggest try it for a week-2-3 and have a bit of fun, but dont try to play this game for real...it will get to you, bordom will hit you. sooooo.....whats next?> O_0 Archeage is preparin/ongoing for merge: took all precautions and going in with 12.000 gold. Lord of the Rings is also preparing for a merge,the only part i play is PvMP( players vs Monsterplayer), is acutally ongoing i believe, got HIGH RANKED URUK WARLORD( monsterplayer) wich is higher leveled and geared then my main toon on the pve side lols...o_0..i just wanna kill people!! Anyone played ARK: Survival evolved? Might check that one out next or does any1 else have some suggestions of game to try? Castle Clash: almost at that bloody 50K might score :) - TG, PD,Druid,Immo,Reaper,Pala,Aries,Cuid, Snow all inscribed between 85-92 - Thundergod lvl 168 (7/10), Pumpkin lvl 168 (7/10) , Druid lvl 166 (5/10) , Immo lvl 166 ( 6/10) ,Reaper lvl 165 (5/10) , Paladin lvl 158 (5/10) Aries lvlv 157 (7/10) , Cupid lvl 154 (7/10 , Snowzilla lvlv 145 (5/10) Atlanticore lvl 112 (5/10). - and alot of other double heros', Just bought SIREN Yesterday 19.999 shards ....lols..life of a F2P... - Farming "N" 100% winscore for 60 gems (beated P but fail alot still) , - Farming Dungeon 8/14 for 38 gems per win, - HQ building = level 20 :) - 17.000/70.000 on the Lost Realm. Got level 18 . - Beated Hero trail Level 12 - Almost donated 50k Shards -never done a Guild boss - never done a Torch battle, - Never spent RL money into the game
  3. Anyone playing the beta for Skyforge?

    PVP SUCKS DONKEY BALLS for the moment! Whats happenning here is that all the pvp is instanced , meaning you need to que up for this. You come into 1 small arena with think max 5-10 people , everyman for themself, BUT , what happens is, you go to middle have a good 1 on 1, then they respawn with full HP after lets says 10-15 seconds. They come back and kill your shitty ass with their nukes wich also come off cooldown the moment you spawn, while mine are on CD still from last fight.....and i was still on the same HP as when i killed them.....or i need to keep shugging pots....grr..maybe need to do so. SO thats the PVP part. The PVE is great, but grindy. also instanced but some are open wold. So you got 2 types here, dungeon type( easy, normal, hardcore) and some sort of small maps were more people are also doing their quests , but you need to port to there from HQ. So its not like you can come from another map and walk into the new map, no you port... They cannot attack you unless you start a duel, there are no factions or races in this game so i guess it's Guild vs Guild. Other then that, the game has pretty cool Guild Gimmicks, it has built in squads, wich have a seperate score, so you can actually compete OR have squads do different things for the guild. Everything they do contributed towards the bigger guild score, with bigger guild score comes more and better shit(what this shit is dunno yet, but we are testing it out now) We have created shadowconsortium on the EU server just to get the EU people inthere, Prometheus, his wife Barbara, Noobcakeshop, Wazaap, Sgt DMX, Skyez , Mr.znarchs , Onemember and some more pinoys wich i cant remember their RF names anymore. We went EU becuase , what i noticed on Archeage NA server , i really had bad timezone for all the events......i went later and later to bed while i had to work the next day, just to be at those events and get stuff to progress. So at the moment we just have to see if it actually matters NA or EU with important events. IF not important or no big events then....we might just team up on NA or EU. Here is a short tutorial guid on how to master the most important thing in Skyforge, the Class building part.Ascension Atlas. In short: Pick 1 of the 3 classes , CRYO, Lightbringer, Swordsomething, ONCE you got about 20 smaller dots unlocked , you will get to a point where the BIGGER atlas opens up and you can SET the path to take and fill it towards your class
  4. Anyone playing the beta for Skyforge?

    Playing on NA server, why am i doing this to myself.... I think i watched 1 video 5 months ago about a certain class on this game, so i just jumped in it without reading anything about the game ,Installed it, logged on, started tutorial , picked a class, made char, did first mission.....not bad , not bad at all. Its kinda like Tera,Aion, you have no mouse on the screen( so you turn your view without holding the right mouse button), the cursor selects automatically the unit infron of you, or you just alt Tab. Left + rightmouse buttons are the basic attack skills, wich you can change also i believe. Played it for like 20 mins, Graphics : 8 , just looks nice, not blown away, but looks smooth and nice Gameplay: 7 for the moment , looks good, skills alot of different combo's with other skills of other classes. Mobs AI is ok, atleast not to dumb, i heard this gets alot harder later on....makes sense. Gave it a 7 becuase dunno, how steep the leveling curve is and or instances how challanging. PVP: well what i heard is 5 vs 5 , 1 sv 1's and Guild vs guild ( 100 vs 100), but atm n1 Qeue's those arena's. I believe becuase of this there is NO OPEN world pvp. Dunno how this will be when game fully launched. Will play abit more tonight And Yes, you go striaght into the tutorial without picking a name or char or class, that comes AFTEr the TUT.
  5. ArcheAge

  6. ArcheAge

    double post
  7. Link to new updates here!

    DAMN NICE! shit more stuff to do ;)
  8. Anyone playing the beta for Skyforge?

    i havent followed this news, i know the game, but not how it is to play. Anyone got some experience? otherwise i'll ask my friend SgtDmX, he's playing it atm, couldnt get him into Archeage
  9. Shadow Consortium and Castle Clash Info

    hey Zotics, i dont think i can make that 50K by next week. got 8 k done in the last 3 weeks, but that took some ahead planning. I am still free to play and never spent money on the game, so you might want a guy inthere that is more worth then me. I think i am doing good, but in noway to compare with the people that invest time and money. So Zot when you got some1 to fill my spot, you can just kick me or give me a heads up so i can make 1 final donation to the guild to help out. Busy with archeage(NA) and Black desert( KR). Got 4 castles to defend in archeage hahaha, we are the only guild out of all the 21 servers that achieved it ( there are only 4 castles), it was a long bloody road haha. And now thats that covered( defending requires less planning and activity) i got some time to Check out and explore the Black Desert client in Korea.( damn Language :P) This to set myself up with the knowledge before the game comes to NA/EU. Other then that, work work work...lol. Greetz Hash
  10. Boss time!

    Didnt vote. Becuase i dont give a damn i am always asleep with boss times.(dont wanna fuck up the time) so i'll just started donating 1.000k shards each monday for like 3 weeks now and maybe will start racking it up to 1250 if i get to the next Here be monsters wave "i" . gl with the bosses.
  11. what are you playing now

    Playing archeage aswell. This game rocks. Did my first traderun yesterday with some old SC's........sailing over the sea, getting chased bij the other faction..........playing as a healer i speeded up the boat with a buff and outran em. Was fun again being stuck in a group (while sailing the sea on a boat) and you know pvp could happen anytime. Not organising anything special atm, just joined a guild where some people were already in. So got no special plans, just joined the game itself 3 days ago. So still learning the game. But this shit is fun :)
  12. ArcheAge

    Impressive review of the game. And for what i've hear of other players and my own playing experience , your spot on. The guild practice thing is fully going on, the guild i am currently in are discussing everything about the Headstart and how to get the most out of it. They also had already some test runs. They are now tweaking it. So i guess if you want a shot, better do it now, but keep in mind.....your waaaayy behind, that is if you are planning to race for castles. thinking about buying the $90 package. http://www.archeagegame.com/en/shop/
  13. ArcheAge

    Well the biggest impact between free to play and pay to play is a PATRON or PATTERN. - See it as a double labour points booster wich you buy for a month. - another thing i see is labour potion(1000 points) can be used every 12 hours. - i know there are other potions to boost stats for a certain amount of time for an hour. other then that havent seen any pay to WIN or unbalanced shit. Dunno how important castles are, i mean because you can build them, every1 will focus on that. Instead of in other games where you need to capture premade castles (a aion). I dont know what the benefits are of building/having a castle. well i enjoyed myself in that game ...man o man....great game. Defintly worth it to lool abit deeper into it. And btw those 3 packages you can buy: $150, $70,$45. Alpha acces means you can play anytime anyday and now waiting on a BETA to come arround. It seems ALPHA has own server wich doesnt go offline afyer the betas are over. You get acces to alpha on package 70 and 150 euros i thought
  14. over powered attacks

    I actually dont care if they destroy my base. Thats becuase my building times are now minimal 3-8 days and more, so why would i try to defend gold that is fucking hard to keep and i dont need at the moment. Another thing, get a friend to attack your base to shield it. i Only do this when i need to save up on gold for a build i am gonna do the next day. You got 3 layouts on you villlage edittor. #1 should be your main build and #2 should be your "come and feast on this base" layout. To make shielding easier, you switch to lay-out #2( remove troops( let them die) and remove heros'( just remove em from the herobase). After that you should have a empty base with only towers that shoot, place those towers close to eachother(so they get destroyed fast) and remove also the heros within. Search the village that needs to be attacked up on the ranking list and attack it with your ALT account. and BAM 9 hours shield. Do this 3 times in a row and ytou have 27 hrs of saving for your next build. AND btw yea what Zotics says, i sometimes get shitty heros in the arena ( seems arround 80-115 hero level) but they do have the arena MIGHTBUFF rank of 30k + Might score and they still lose. Rather keep it balanced Might score vs your 4-5-6 highest heros'. On the other hand , you do get nice bonusses of boosting youre might score with hero's boosting, so i dont know if it's a bad thing. I do both atm , boosting my might score with hero's, but i only boost the once i am thinking of using later on, Ussually Legendary hero , always handy to have 2 high level druids or Thunder gods :) ( also becuase of this new expidition feature)
  15. Lineage 2 Classic

    Lineage 2 European Classic Server WIll Be Pay-To-Play By Apophis on Aug 13, 2014 416 0 +1 1 Lineage 2 European Classic Server Lineage 2 Classic Server it’s almost here. Although there were many suspicions about a classic server I knew from the beginning that it will eventually come to the Western market. Innova made a trip to NCSoft HQ at the end of July and they are now ready to share some new info and answer a few questions: Q: A lot of questions regarding the classic server – will it be there? A: Classic server will be there if you need it. That is, we are going to collect registrations before the launch to see how many of you would like to see the Classic server open. If we have enough to make the server interesting, we’ll open as many servers as it is needed. Q: Shall Core and Classic server coexist? A: Core and Classic server will hopefully coexist without any problems, as these games will be totally different. I think that the Core playerbase will drop with at least 20% for the first two months when they will open the Classic server, but to be honest I don’t care. I used to love Lineage 2 and I can finally fall in love once more. Q: Will it be F2P or P2P? A: The model will be P2P and we will do our best not to raise the price very high to let as many people play the game as possible. P2P will mean that there will be no L2Store items that will affect the speed of your character leveling or the ones containing weapon and armor, even at a certain chance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlevVfQPUi4 In the meantime Koreans are still dealing with the bot problem, but population seems to be healthy as they recently opened 2 new servers. If Innova manages to keep bots away and restore the drop rate to the original value (at the moment the KR servers have a 1/6 drop rate) we are in for an epic ride.