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ZeZevS application

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1. ZeZevS

2. Might: 71 191

PD 180 8/10

Grizzly Reaper 160 7/10

Dracula 160 7/10

Skull Knight 160 7/10

Dread Drake 160 7/10

Ghoulem 160 8/10

Warlcok 140 7/10

This heroes is First Evo

Santa 180 7/10

Phantom king 173 7/10

Aries 160 8/10

3. 6 Ordinary, 6 Elite heroes for towers

4. Ilya (Yes. Russian man)

5. 16

6. RU UTC +04:00

7. All days

8. I'm original owner

9. Only I have access

10. No, I play one

11. Guild info :D

12. Was in other guilds. Because passedl gw, fortress Feud and Torch Battle

13.On gw won people with 110-140k might

14. I like the organisation, ambition, style and performance of the team. It is better, than in those guilds where I was. I think that I with you will be able to reach heights

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