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  1. First and foremost, Shadow Consortium is a PVP Clan. Anything and everything goes. Unless explicitly stated by the guild leaders/officers, anyone/any clan is fair game. General rules for participation: Discord is required. Get it here: https://discord.gg/6bBEqK4 Level 40+ is required. New members are required to pay a 100,000 adena donation or proof of bloods for admission. This shows us you have an interest in the clan rather than simply joining us and leeching. This donation goes to upgrading the clan. Active players only. Please log in everyday for 30 minutes to get activity bonus. If you do not, you will be booted. If going on vacation please let the guild leader/officers know so you do not get booted. More to come.
  2. Adena guide doesn't really count when we have the 2x event going on for the next week. Your focus should be on leveling quickly to post-40 while the event is on going. Summoners are what most of the adena sellers/botters are using since they are pretty effortless... just send the summon in... but they generally aren't good in PVP which is our main focus here. The exception to the rule is the Necromancer (Human summoner), which is one of the best pvp mages, but they don't fare too well in PVE. You can try a summoner but I don't know about the afk grinding.
  3. 3 month suspension for calling someone a redneck?
  4. 1. Tyrant is good.. any class is fine. Archers are the best if you want DPS, either Silver Ranger (Elf), Phantom Ranger (Dark Elf) or Hawkeye (Human). Critical is strong in Lineage 2 and bows can get some high critical damage. Silver Ranger = more critical hits, Phantom Ranger = more critical damage, Hawkeye = balance of both, but more tanky/hp. 2. Just pick whichever area suits you best. I personally liked Abandoned Camp and Ant Nest early. 3. You should have enough SP to level all skills. 4. Keep all crafting materials. 5. Selling stuff in private store. Or make a dwarf. Dwarves are the money machine in Lineage 2. 6. I recommend Shillien Elder (Dark Elf), Prophet (Human), Warcryer/Overlord (Orc), or Elven Elder. Shillien Elder is more of mage support/heals. Prophet is more for buffs and physical damage. Elven Elder is more for defensive buffs and defense, along with heals. You pick what you want. That is not all of the buffers either, there are Swordsingers and Bladedancers which are critical to a complete party as well. However, for dual boxing, the first four I mentioned above are what you would want since they have heals to keep you going. The difference between a warcryer and overlord is that a warcryer has party-level buffs, while Overlord has clan-level buffs. So, any buffs a warcryer casts only helps his/her party, whereas any buffs an overlord casts impacts every clan member within range. If you want your overlord to be useful he would have to be in a clan with your character.
  5. I am under Slaughterhouse, and buffer (to-be overlord or warcryer) DeathIncarnate. Anyone starting out, I recommend dual boxing a buffer or healer of some sort (or more) as most people are doing this. Get the "newbie pack" in the L2 store as it is free through 5/15 and gets you dual swords you can use to level 40 or beyond and only uses 1 no-grade soulshot per hit. There is an event through 5/15 that is 2x exp, 2x adena, 2x item drops, and 0% exp loss unless you die as a PKer (red) then it is the standard 4% exp loss on death. (items are still rare!). Teleports are also free during this event. Take advantage while you still can.
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